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Introduction 聯合會簡介
Constitution 章程
Organizational structure 組織架構
Council 理事會
Fashion Federation 港澳臺



Hong Kong Fashion Federation (HKFF) is a self-sustaining non-profit professional organization, it committed to promote co-operations and exchanges between Hong Kong and Asia’ fashion industry and open the window of Hong Kong’s fashion brands to the world.

Over the years, HKFF follows “Fashion, Heritage and Service" credo, and actively promotes the development of Hong Kong’s fashion industry, provides a variety of services for members and fashion brands. At the same time, the HKFF in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region is also shoulder up the mission of disseminating Hong Kong’s brands by assisting fashion designers and buyers for local and overseas development.

Every year, HKFF held various kinds of fashion shows, professional seminars and symposiums for fashion designers, and share information and experience. Today, HKFF is becoming one of Hong Kong's leading professional fashion organizations, walking hand in hand with other major institutions and organizations to facilitate the development of Hong Kong fashion industry.

In addition to the servicing role, HKFF spares no effort at cultivating talents for the industry; HKFF for example, attracting so many members who have attained glamorous achievements and highly recommended by their domestic and overseas peers, they are the mainstay and advocators of Hong Kong fashion industry. Their professional and talent are playing different roles in design and market segments, including the creation of designer brands, plan and promote brand, fashion buying strategy, business consulting services etc.







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