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香港時尚聯合會(Hongkong Fashion Federation)是香港的一個自負盈虧的非弁利專業協會機構,是推動香港及亞洲時尚產業交流與合作,加強中國及香港時尚品牌走向世界的一個窗口.   澳門時尚產業聯合會(Macau Fashion Industry Federation)是澳門的一個自負盈虧的非弁利專業協會機構,是推動澳門及亞洲時尚產業交流與合作,加強中國及澳門時尚品牌走向世界的一個窗口.   台灣中華時尚文化產業協會(Taiwan Chinese Fashion Culture Industry Federation)是台灣的一個自負盈虧的非弁利專業協會機構,是推動台灣及亞洲時尚產業交流與合作,加強中國及台灣時尚品牌走向世界的一個窗口.


Paris Fashion Week   Milan Fashion Week   London Fashion Week   NewYork Fashion Week
Paris fashion week has been committed to building must be as solid as rocks as the fashion capital of the world's status in Paris.   Italy Milan fashion week has always been considered the world's fashion design and consumption flag.   Vitality, creativity and acme Charm -- this is once a year London Fashion Week.   New York fashion week and Paris, Milan, London Fashion Week and called the world's four largest fashion week.


時尚學院   港澳活動   國際論壇   大賽專區
College of fashion   HK&Macao activitiesk   International Forum   Fashion Ceremony
Are business leaders at the Newton School of business [Fashion EMBA] committed to the Greater China region and even across Asia to provide high-quality [Fashion EMBA], is Asia's only this course of the fashion business school is to cultivate the fashion business leaders.   Shenzhen Hong Kong and Macao annual fashion festival and IFB alumni cocktail parties, fashion elite andsenior executives of the two sides of the four fashion party.Talk about business, cooperation, exchanges in one lavish party.   Hongkong Fashion Federation will hold large-scale international forum and fashion week every year, from Hong Kong and Macao and the European and American international experts gathered together, to discuss cross-strait three fashion industry in the future.   Hk,Institute of Fashion Buying & Newton Business School.China Hongkong and Macao and Taiwan Fashion Grand Ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen OCT . More than 100 fashion celebrities, sharing the concept of fashion.


戰略合作   行業服務
Strategic cooperation   Service industry

Hongkong Fashion Federation working closely with the world's four largest fashion week and international design exhibition, jointly contribute to the world of fashion industry.



Hongkong Fashion Federation of international fashion designers, luxury buyers and retail executives are dedicated to Asian fashion industry to provide comprehensive service and cooperation.


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